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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Whitemyer Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please Email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Mark Whitemyer

Sandie Hensley, Homemaker

I had tendonitis in my left elbow for six years. I have had several cortizone injections, have taken Lodine for several years, had physical therapy and lived with constant pain and inability to use my arm for a long time. I finally agreed to have surgery from an orthopedist but couldn’t get it done for several weeks. In a desperate attempt to alleviate the pain while waiting I went to Dr. Whitemyer. I’ve always been too afraid to go to a Chiropractor, but I was desperate. After two treatments I actually began to feel relief and within a short period of time my arm quit bothering me! After all that time and money for me and my insurance company I got my relief through Chiropractic care. The treatments are not painful and Dr. Whitemyer was good to talk me through each step of treatment. It has been wonderful and painless!

Mary Anne Buckley, Retired

Thanks for helping to alleviate my neck pain, back pains, leg pains, plus lessen the tinnitus from a sharp ringing to a low hum. With the treatments from Dr. Whitemyer, plus the physical & massage therapies, I am able to lead a much more active life – including taking an aerobics class. My quality of living has improved and this has given me a more positive outlook. Thanks again!

Bob Schwartz

Before I came to Dr. Whitemyer I had extreme headaches daily. He started adjusting my neck and almost immediately my headaches were gone. I didn’t believe in Chiropractic before but I do now.

Myrna Robertson, Office Work – Golf

For 25 years Chiropractic care has kept me functioning as a normal person. I have been diagnosed by Drs. as having an illness called Fibrocitis which involves all tissues, muscles, and joints. Disc problems also are a problem and manipulation of the spine and therapy, plus mild medicines for inflammation have been my salvation. I truly believe this is the proper care for me. Two of my brothers have chosen surgery for these problems and I am in better physical shape. Without Chiropractic care through the years my quality of life would have been less.

Inocente (Vinee) Gamez, Truck driver

I feel the treatment I have received from the Dr. Whitemyer has made me a more ordinary person by helping me with the pain and stress from my injury. It’s a good feeling waking up in the morning and wanting to go to work. Instead of starting your day in a bad state of mind due to the pain from your injury. Physically & mentally I feel like a brand new me. Thanks!

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